Ch. Moorfield's Early Bird - Yosh

born April 23, 2004, CEA/PRA frei with 8 week, retested 19.8.05, HD A/A
Selection 15.10.2005, phenetype report and character test report available in German language for downloading (requires Acrobat Reader)


Breeder and Owner: Margrit Moor, Arisdorf, CH, E-mail

 Yosh is a very friendly dog, to humans or to his spezies.


2005 Fribourg/CH Youth class Ex2, Res.CAC-J
2005 Offenburg/DE Youth class Ex2, Res.CAC-J
2005 Bulle/CH Youth class Ex1. CAC-J
2005 Mariazell/DE Intermediate class Ex2, Res.CAC
2006 St. Gall/CH Open class Ex
2006 Lausanne/CH, 14/10 Open class Ex1, CAC/CACIB
2006 Lausanne/CH, 15/10 Open class Ex1, CAC/R-CACIB
2007 Fribourg/CH, 10/02 Open class Ex4
2007 Fribourg/CH, 11/02 Open class Ex2, R-CAC
2007 St. Gall/CH, 13/05 Open class Ex1, CAC/R-CACIB
2007 Luxembourg, 01/09 Open class Ex1, CACL/CACIB
2007 Lausanne, 20/10 Open class Ex1, CAC/R-CACIB
This was Yosh's 4th CAC with which he completed the Swiss Champion