Valinor Mysterious Ways - Mike

born April 19th, 2000, CEA/PRA free with 8 weeks, repeated eye tests with 12 und 38 months have been succesful as well. HD A/A
Selection 26/08/2001, phenotype report and character test report available in German language for downloading (requires Acrobat Reader)


Owner: Margrit Moor, Im Bradlitz 3, CH-4422 Arisdorf,  E-mail

Breeder: Caroline und Ton Reynders, NL

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2001 Friedrichshafen/Germany Junior class ex2, Res.CAC-J
2001 St. Gallen/Switzerland Junior class ex1, Junior winner
2001 Strasbourg/France Open class ex4
2002 Colmar/France Open class ex2 ResCACIB/Res.CAC
2002 Lausanne/Switzerland Open class ex2 ResCACIB/Res.CAC
2003 Köllerbach/Germany Open class ex1 CAC/VDH-CHA, Clubwinner Dogs
2003 IHA Luzern/Switzerland Open class ex1 ResCACIB/Res.CAC
2003 IHA Luzern/Switzerland Open class ex1 CACIB/CAC, BOB
FCI Groupe 1: with the 7 best of the groupe
2003 Clubschau Innsbruck, Austria Open class ex2, RCACA
2003 IHA Innsbruck/Austria Open class ex3
2003 IHA Lausanne/Switzerland Open class ex1 CACIB/CAC, BOB
2004 Mulhouse/France Open class ex1 CACIB/CAC, BOB

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Mike with his offspring, Moorfield's Dana-Davida Mike 2 years old

Mike has an excellent character and is a lovely dog with will to please. To his offspring he is passing on his nice character and his rich coat. For more information, please contact Margrit Moor.